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House Sitting Safety Measures For Dunbarton, NH Residents

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Dunbarton NH House SittingLeaving your Dunbarton NH home to house sitting experts? It’s understandable if you are concerned about the unexpected. This is why Common Bond prefers to rely on the assistance of local emergency professionals in case something uncontrollable happens at the time of one of our scheduled house check visits. You can feel safer knowing that in the event something comes up, our house sitter will be able to contact police, fire, and medical aid to best serve your home and people in the vicinity. For however long you intend to be gone, know that we will have your home in safe hands.
We train our house sitting experts to be ready for anything that can occur, and that includes knowing when to involve professionals for the safety and security of your property. We offer inside and outside property and home checks in case of an alarm being triggered, or if an unusual event like a storm or power outage occurs. By working with your house sitter you can have a plan for how to handle any problem that comes up. You should contact your local police department to inform them of our involvement with your home. For your security, the privacy of the home owner is always protected. To begin preparing for how best to ensure the protection of your home, refer to these local numbers:

  • Dunbarton Emergency Medical Services | 603-774-3542
  • Dunbarton Fire Department | 603-774-3542
  • Dunbarton Police Department | 603-774-5500

If you need checkups for your home while you’re away, we can help. Contact us today at 603-529-4738, or at 603-325-2570, to be prepared for your next vacation.