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Reliable Pet Sitting in Bow, NH

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Bow NH Pet SittingHaving trusted pet sitting services in place ensures your pets’ comfort and security while you’re away from your Bow, New Hampshire home. We have experienced professionals who are prepared to take care of your pet on a regular schedule of your choosing. To fully prepare yourself and the trained expert who will be attending to your pet, we make available a set of emergency contacts that help to ensure the well-being of your animal in any event. Our staff is trained to contact the appropriate experts who are able to provide urgent treatment or assistance if necessary.
By ensuring that the people you hire are prepared and capable of caring for your pet while you are away will help you to feel secure during your absence. Our experts will comfort, feed, and clean up after your cat, dog, or any other potential pets you own. We will tend to whatever specific needs your pet has, to ensure their security and health. Depending on your needs, we are available either by schedule or on-call. Refer to the following contacts to feel secure in your departure:

  • Russell Animal Hospital; Concord, NH | 603-224-2361
  • Concord-Merrimack County SPCA | 603-753-9801
  • Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care and Referral Center of New Hampshire | 603-431-3600

In the event of an emergency situation beyond our control, the experts we have on staff are prepared to contact the necessary care your pet needs. We keep the proper channels open to ensure that, in any and all cases, your pet will be taken care of.
You can set up a schedule with us for check-ins with your pet however frequently you would prefer. Call 603-529-4738 or 603-325-2570 to have a secure option for your animal while you are away.