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Bonded and Insured Sitting for Over a Decade

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Our bonded and insured pet sitting serves central New Hampshire with the most qualified staff members available. Trusting new people to enter your empty household can make any owner nervous, so that’s why our entire staff undergoes thorough background checks through Sterling Infosystems, the world’s largest company dedicated to background checks.


All Common Bond employees are trained regularly and compensated well-above the industry standard because of this. Our high-caliber staff members bring a strong dose of knowledge that will benefit those needing our service.


For added security, our staff vehicles exhibit zero reference to Common Bond. Therefore, a safe and natural look is established to your home during visits. You will also have the opportunity to meet your pet sitter ahead of time to help guarantee comfort and satisfaction. Give us a call at 603-529-4738 or 603-325-2570 to schedule a meeting as soon as possible.