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Dependable Pet Sitting in Bedford, NH

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Bedford NH Pet SittingTrusted pet sitting services for Bedford, New Hampshire residents puts a traveling family’s mind at ease. Our team of experts is well versed in the proper treatment of your pet, and we also make available to you means of emergency contact to keep your pet sitter better equipped in case of an emergency. In the event something requires emergency intervention, the professionals we have tending to your pet are fully prepared to involve other trained animal care experts who can utilize urgent care.

Your pet is precious to you, and making sure the right people are there while you’re away is likely to be high on your priorities list. We are sure to properly feed, comfort, and clean up after your dog, cat, or other various animals you may own. The well-being of your pet is our concern, and we are certain to tend to any of their needs, however we can. Our services are available either on a schedule or on-call, depending on your needs. Refer to these contacts to feel more secure leaving your pet for any period of time.

  • Bedford Animal Hospital | 603-668-0500
  • Bedford Animal Control | 603-472-5113, Option #7
  • Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care and Referral Center of New Hampshire | 603-431-3600

If any sort of emergency is to come up, our professionals are prepared to contact the necessary services to properly care for your pet. We focus on the safety and well being of your animal and maintain the appropriate channels in any event.

We provide frequent checks and care for your pet upon request, and will set up a schedule to help you feel secure that your animal is being cared for. Call 603-529-4738 or 603-325-2570 today.